Vegan food and Barbera d’Asti: Delightfully Different

The Challenge of Pairings Continues
We’ve tried many things. We’ve paired Barbera d’Asti with chocolate, fish and even artichokes, which has always been a dish that you shouldn’t drink wine with. We’ve challenged all the clichés and the answer has always been pleasant and surprising because of the versatility and flexibility of this wine, which has won every challenge.
What happens if we try to pair Barbera d’Asti with vegetarian or vegan, one that excludes all animal proteins, then, in addition to meat and fish, even eggs, dairy and honey? Read More…

Barbera and artichokes: a surprising combination

Barbera and artichokes: a surprising combination

Raw, in a salad with parmesan or shrimp, or even cooked: steamed, boiled “alla romana” (a preparation typical of Rome), fried in batter or alla giudea, whole and open. They are also the center of attention for first courses or “torte salate” (literally salty cakes) or with entrées meat or fish as a side. The artichoke is a versatile delicacy and difficult pairing. But we like challenges. Read More…


Where Barbera d’Asti and Gluttony Meet: Golosaria 2016

After studying philosophy Dionysus became one of my favorite characters in greek mythology. And if he still happens to be hanging around somewhere, he definitely pulled some strings and called in some favors with Helius (god of the Sun) and Atlas (known as the Sky Bearer) this past weekend in Monferrato, situated between Asti and Alessandria. In terms of weather it was the Piedmont’s baptism into the spring. The buds on the vines had sprung and the sky was as blue as blue could be. It was the perfect weekend for Golosaria, a play on words in Italian combining gluttony (translated: golosità) and glossary (glossario). Read More…